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Svit.ro is a 3 compound platform where you will find the answers regarding:

What will you do?

  • Initiation into the Mysteries of Zamolxes’s Teachings.
  • Practical applications of Feminine Consciousness and Masculine Consciousness.
  • Initiation into The Art of Dreaming.
  • Interaction with Beings from Other Dream Spaces.
  • Reaching and exceeding the limits of the human perception.
  • Passing into the Other Reality.

What can you learn?

  • Initiation into the Art of Controlling your Own Thoughts.
  • Healing and Self Healing with the Consciousness.
  • Telepathy – Issuing and Receiving thoughts.
  • Consciously bringing into manifestation your personal reality.
  • Consciousness movement into the quantum space (past, present and future) – Wingmakers.
  • Quantum Touch – Remote Healing in Space and Time.

Lamda - The Ancient School of Wisdom

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What can we do?

  • Test the body for microorganism pathogen.
  • Destroy and remove all pathogenic microorganisms from the body.
  • Treat any form of depression – The hemispheric synchronization using Mega Brain.
  • Charge the energy centers (chakras) and the auric field.
  • Cleanse the body by means of Ozone Therapy.

Worldwide parteners

Kogaion Secret TravelSacred Spirit ToursOther World Global NetworkInneractive Enterprises Inc.Pacific Health OnlineBio-Energy Corp.

Kogaion Secret Travel was established to be close to those who want to know the true cradle of humanity, to discover its true history, following the footsteps of the wise and ancient Dacians, the descendants of the Hyperboreans. Do not hesitate, today you can CHANGE ! – Kogaion Secret Travel Agency

Sacred Spirit Tours seeks to establish a bridge between the East and the West. We want to transform peoples’ perspectives on spirituality and consciousness. By creating a balanced fulcrum point, we can spread the most authentic teachings of the East and the West to the world. – Sacred Spirit Tours

Dacian Seminars

VERY IMPORTANT ! Starting with August 12th 2013 we are expecting you at the Ancient School of Wisdom. Afther this date, The Ancient School Of Wisdom will begin the discipline program for the new time.

Romanians are Dacians.
Unique in the World, for the first time in Romania, Sarmizegetusa Regia:

Used to worry about tomorrow, preoccupied by the issues of our material life, we often forget why we chose to come here, on this wonderful realm, where God chose to manifest himself as a human being.
The three dimensional plan is the realm where we meet God manifested in matter.
Our life here is unrolling sometimes too slow or too fast and thus we forget so often why we came here, who we really are.
The unknown, the root of all fears.
Exceeding the barriers of the unknown, we learn more about ourselves, about our manifested potential that waits impatient the day that it will become. And when that happens, we will not have an answer to the question WHO WE ARE, but WHAT WE ARE

" This knowledge has no laws. It does not have any laws, because there are, in laws, borders that block freedom. I will not teach you anything but about God and about the possibilities to choose. I am here to open up the doors to a higher knowledge, for you in order to see the possibilities to choose, that you have in the life of this plan, for you in order to see that your life in this plan is not bordered, because there is life even in other plans and in many other places. I said so, indeed. So be it !" - Lamda

Accommodations possibilities: at the Pensions from Costesti or from the surroundings.

Reservations and informations: Phone: (+40) 745 174 725 / (+40) 747 079 016, E-mail: shantideus@yahoo.com.

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