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By climbing up the inside mountain

You will see the world

through the eagle’s eye

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What is SVIT.RO?

Is a 2 compound platform where you will find the answers regarding:

Consciousness & Energy


The Ancient School of Wisdom

Healing Frequencies


Quantum-Space Medicine

Cot in the Mountains


The Ancient School of Wisdom

Consciousness & Energy

The Ancient School of Ascended Masters from Tibet is the source of an idea, THE WISDOM, that was focused and became reality. This school is about something that is already known. It is about the ancient foundations about GOD, about humanity and the greatness of this world.

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What can you learn at LAMDA – The Ancient School of Wisdom?

  • Initiation into the Art of Controlling your Own Thoughts
  • Healing and Self Healing with the Consciousness
  • Telepathy – Issuing and Receiving thoughts
  • Consciously bringing into manifestation your personal reality
  • Consciousness movement into the quantum space (past, present and future) – Wingmakers
  • Quantum Touch – Remote Healing in Space and Time

And much more…

  • Initiation into the Mysteries of Zamolxes’s Teachings
  • Practical applications of Feminine Consciousness and Masculine Consciousness
  • Initiation into The Art of Dreaming
  • Interaction with Beings from Other Dream Spaces
  • Reaching and exceeding the limits of the human perception
  • Passing into the Other Reality
Body Scan

Shanti Deus

Quantum-Space Medicine

Healing Frequencies

Between 1990-1993, in Germany was born the founding idea that has become the Shanti Deus purpose until today: the promotion and use of the latest technologies in our approach of quality life improvement. Later, the company management decided to go further. Therefore, in 1995, Shanti Deus team started its activity in Austria. From the beginning of 2001, we have extended our activity in Romania. Continuous improvement, gaining desired results, accumulated experience, these are factors that maintained us focused on our purpose.

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What can we do at Shanti Deus – Quantum-Space Medicine?

  • Test the body for pathogenic microorganisms
  • Destroying and removing the pathogenic microorganisms
  • Parasites Cleaning – Part of our cleaning process that we call “de-parasitation”
  • Complete Cleaning – This is the most advance cleaning process that we provide
  • Plasma field – This 9m field radius addresses the entire body in a non-invasive approach
  • Photon Light – In case of external wounds, skin ulcers, and burns

And much more…

  • Frequency Imprinting Field – Two or more energy lines that cross each other create an energetic vortex
  • QEG Non-Local Frequencies – Einstein called this effect “Spooky Action at a Distance”
  • Radionic Super-Orgonite Energy – The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link
  • Charge the Chakras – With vital energy, including the Auric Field, to balance the body energetically
  • Treat depression with Mega Brain – By synchronizing the brain’s hemispheres
  • Ozone Therapy – Cleanse the body by means of Ozone Therapy


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View Past Events with Ambassador of Agartha Tamarinda Maassen

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Videos, Articles and much more

Last Moments Of Time - Alien Races And Their Message To Humanity, 2019

Date: March 30th – 31st, 2019

Location: New York, USA

Introductory course into the teachings of the Ascended Masters from Far East, 2019

Date: July 21st – July 28th, 2019

Location: Romania

Meet the SVIT.RO Team

Exceeding the barriers of the unknown, we learn more about ourselves, about our manifested potential that waits impatient the day that it will become.

Tamarinda Maassen

Tamarinda Maassen

CEO and Founder of SVIT.RO

“This knowledge has no laws. It does not have any laws, because there are, in laws, borders that block freedom. I will not teach you anything but about God and about the possibilities to choose. I am here to open up the doors to a higher knowledge, for you in order to see the possibilities to choose, that you have in the life of this plan, for you in order to see that your life in this plan is not bordered, because there is life even in other plans and in many other places. I said so, indeed. So be it!” – Lamda
Oana Dembele

Oana Dembele

CEO and Founder of KST

Kogaion Secret Travel was established to be close to those who want to know the true cradle of humanity, to discover its true history, following the footsteps of the wise and ancient Dacians, the descendants of the Hyperboreans. Do not hesitate, today you can CHANGE !
Teodor Maassen

Teodor Maassen

Manager at SVIT.RO

We invite you to start on your personal journey, a journey of rediscovering the true essence of your being, the true nature of your existence as a manifestation of Greatness and Love in this plan.
The journey of the Soul is the greatest and the most uplifting experience where the being called Human forgets who he/she really is so he/she can remember that humans are one with the existence itself and Immortals.
The Ancient School of Wisdom is a school of the Spirit which is done with the Spirit and each step is very important simply because the human mind is expanding more and more, making room for the Spirit to manifest its true greatness.


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Where can you find us?


Timisoara – Bld. Liviu Rebreanu, Nr. 45, Timis County, Romania – 300210

Oana: (0040) 747 079 016 Teo: (0040) 745 174 725

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